Cotton Tote Bags

As a premier manufacturer and exporter of cotton tote bags in India, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality and impeccable finishing. Our tote bags are crafted with both long and short handles for convenient carrying options. With a wide range of styles and designs available, our cotton tote bags are perfect for any occasion. Explore our collection today to find the perfect tote bag to elevate your style and functionality.

Item No:
Item Size:
Item No: ACT 2016
Item Size: 36x40x10 cms
Item No: ACT 2018
Item Size: 33x40x9 cms
Item No: ACT 2017
Item Size: 38x42x10 cms
Item No: ACT 2020
Item Size: 35x35x15 cms
Item No: ACT 2031
Item Size: 35x42x10 cms
Item No: ACT 2030
Item Size: 25x25x12 cms
Item No: ACT 2021
Item Size: 40x40x10 cms
Item No: ACT 2019
Item Size: 42x33x12 cms

Item No: ACT 2023
Item Size: 30x30x15 cms
Item No: ACT 2024
Item Size: 40x40x10 cms
Item No: ACT 2022
Item Size: 36x43x13 cms